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LUXUAL LASHES is confirmed as a Vendor for KBMP CLOTHING POP UP SHOP Saturday June 24th 2023

LUXUAL LASHES LLC is confirmed as a lash and lipgloss vendor for KBMP CLOTHING POP UP SHOP for Saturday June 24th 2023 12 noon to 6 pm at VP RECORDS RETAILSTORE 170-19 jamaica avenue queens New York - various colors shapes and sizes of different eye lashes and also lip gloss will be available for sale Saturday June 24th 2023 - join us for a day of small business networking - FREE PARKING available - FREE ENTRANCE available- food and drinks for sale - interview and photo session - music - raffle prizes - various table games for entertainment - meet miss pat the ceo of vp records - special guest speakers on financial and business planning - come on out and hang out with on Saturday June 24th 2023 vp records retailstore queens New York .

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